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Last year I ran the 2012 L.A. Chinatown Firecracker 5K and I was hooked. This year I was asked to be part of the media and it was an amazing experience! During the opening ceremonies guests of honor simultaneously lit 100,000 firecrackers in the tradition of warding off evil spirits. I've never been pelted by thousands of firecrackers while taking photographs but I'm always open to first-time-for-everything moments. I flinched and ducked but didn't stop firing the shutter button. There was too much goodness to capture with my camera just to stop on account of smoke and firecracker shrapnel.

After the opening ceremonies I walked the entire 3.1 mile course to take as many photos of the runners, the view, and the hard working people handing out water to the runners. I'm ready for next year's event! 

Huge thanks to Christopher Louie for giving me this opportunity!!! 
To view more photos of this event please click here. 


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