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I was watching the Presidential Inauguration a few months ago when my stomach twisted in knots at the time of President Obama's speech. The immense responsibility of delivering a speech and conveying its message to an entire nation rendered me anxious. Although being behind my camera and looking through the viewfinder isn't as dramatic or intense; I can't help but feel the heavy weight of responsibility to convey the story of my subjects in my images. 

Such was the situation I found myself in when I photographed my sister and her fiance's engagement session. How could I properly convey the happiness that was missing in her life until S walked into it? Would I be able to capture their deep love and affection for each other? Will the sun favor me and shine its golden rays upon us?

We've known S for years as he was a close friend of our cousin, Tressa. We knew him as "Tressa's Italian friend" who was invited to social gatherings where my sister, N, was also present. They would hang out for friends' birthday celebrations until the fateful day S asked N on a date. From that day forward their love story began and continues to unfold. N would say his Italian accent was enthralling and the reason she fell for him. I suspect it also has to do with how well he treats her and the constant PDA only an Italian man is capable of. When you're in their presence there is no denying the deep and abiding love they have for each other. 

They'll be leaving to live in Miami next month so I wanted to document their life in Los Angeles, specifically Marina Del Rey. Every weekend and in the summer they rode their bikes from Marina Del Rey through Venice Beach to Santa Monica and back again. With the constant flux of life its uncertain when they will return to Los Angeles. 

I included these 4 photos my sister took of S's helicopter proposal which flew them on a tour all over Los Angeles. She asked for "the whole 9 yards" and you can bet your bottom dollar that she got that and more. 

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Dear Sister, 
Thank you so much for letting me document this important milestone in your lives. Trust me when I say that in your ripe geriatric age you'll be looking through these snapshot memories and extolling my virtues as an awesome photographer  will be grateful for your big sis! (LOL!) Because you're happy I am even more ecstatic of your new life and journey together. And sis, even though you told me to "take 10 shots and be done with it because I'm hungry" I hope you now understand why a photographer needs to take more than 10 shots. I wish you both abundant blessings with God at the center of your marriage. I can't wait for next week when I pull double duty as your witness AND wedding photographer. I love you both! Ciao! <--- see,="" i'm="">learning! 



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