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I've never had a portrait session when I wanted to play and frolic with my subjects more than taking their photographs! Their mother calls them "Trifecta" while I call them bebeshmooshkoosh! Yup, that's what happens when I try to speak coherently in front of these adorable babies! 

Baby Calllista is the only girl out of the trio and she loves to smile and wink. She enjoys being held high in the air by her daddy. You've got baby Apolllo, the 2nd boy to enter the world, who's already proficient in charming the ladies. Or, at least, this ol' lady. But I secretly believe baby Maxwelll's eyes contain superpowers--the power to turn anyone into a sucka fool! Because that's exactly what happened to me when he woke up and directed those huge orbs in my direction.

In between outfit changes, diaper changes, feedings, and prop changes, I was one lucky photographer who became well acquainted with these 3 blessings! I'm also acknowledging the triplets' mom and dad, Aimee and Mike, for amazing me with their infinite patience. There were a few times during the photo session when I simply stood in silent admiration. 
I noticed that two of them are always holding hands which I'm sure began in the womb.

The triplets in their baptismal clothes
 photo Trifecta-5_zps07cb58f0.jpg
Calllista the fashionista
 photo Trifecta-18_zps773f4a33.jpg
Maxwelll's eyeballs are my kryptonite!
 photo Trifecta-22_zpsd7484d26.jpg
Those eyes!
 photo Trifecta-23_zpsc75173a9.jpg
Apolllo the charmer


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