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There are moments in my life where I find myself doing things I vowed I would never do. Like play golf or have anything to do with golf. (Before I get pelted by golf balls for my lack of enthusiasm let me just say I've tried to acquire the love for the sport and it eludes me.) But I couldn't say no when Crystal, Director of My Refuge House, asked me to be part of the golf tournament fundraiser committee. This event wasn't about me and my aversion to golf. It was about the young girls whose lives are being restored at My Refuge House after their rescue from the sex trade

There were 2 groups of golfers who participated in this golf tournament fundraiser held at Coyote Hills Golf Course in Fullerton, CA.  Later that evening the annual My Refuge House banquet consisting of a silent auction provided golfers and attendees a chance to hear about My Refuge House, the board members, and the girls' stories. A paper lotus flower was given to each banquet attendee who wrote either a prayer, blessing, or encouragement to the girls residing at My Refuge House in Cebu, Philippines. A few days after this event Crystal traveled to the Philippines and presented the girls with the beautiful lotus flowers letting them know that they are loved and cared for by people from the United States. This is love in action: restoring one life at a time. 
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Crystal Sprague, Director of My Refuge House
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