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A portrait session with the O'Grady family was like meeting a long-lost family you never knew existed and spending a fun afternoon getting acquainted with each other. Who doesn't want to be part of a family who wears über cool cowboy boots? Why can't I be related to a man who sports a bomb diggity stache like Byron's? I almost begged them to take me home afterwards. 

They made my job easy by being their fun loving, easygoing selves, engaging in every image we took, and giving me plenty of awesome suggestions for where to take the next set of images. Three of them got major points from me as I didn't feel so alone with my mouth hardware. Power to the Brace Face Brigade! 

They are to blame for my latest obsession as I scour the internet for a pair of fiery red cowboy boots! Maybe that will convince them of adopting me. I hope you enjoy the O'Grady family as much as I did! 


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