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"Like a bird from these prison walls I'll fly I'll fly away."

"Like a bird from these prison walls, I'll fly away."

My caged bird project was born out of the darkest season of my life when I felt enclosed by self-imposed expectations and burdened by the opinion of others. It was a time of uncertainty, completely blinded by my insecurities. This project is the blending of my zeal for writing and the vision of my photography, conveying the message of hope to women who struggle daily. It’s an expression of the lessons I’ve overcome and the strength I found in my ugly mess.

This project is my heartfelt dedication to all women, especially those who’ve been caught in the sinister web of human trafficking and sex slavery.  Where there is hope, the freedom to fly with confidence is within reach.

For women:

  • who are oppressed from abuse but can’t find the courage to speak up, this is for you.
  • who smile through their mask of pain and shame, this is for you.
  • who continue to try with the best intentions but feel like failures, this is for you.
  • who are debilitated with unworthiness, this is for you.                
  • who are unable to find the reasons to forgive themselves, this is for you.
  • who’ve learned from their mistakes and grown from them, this is for you.
  • who are sitting in a heap of ashes wondering if beauty will ever emerge, this is for you.
  • who believe it’s too late to resurrect their dreams, this is for you.
  • who are discouraged with longing for a long-held desire, this is for you.               
  • who believe God isn’t listening or doesn't care about them, this is for you.
  • whose life didn’t turn out exactly as they had planned, this is for you.
  • who wake up every morning wishing they hadn’t, this is for you.

Through my heart, my words, my iPhone, and my Canon let me remind you of the hope available for us to create, inspire, love, and live because yes, I discovered that life is worth living after the season of darkness.


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