East Long Beach Pony Baseball | NY Yankees | Little League

April 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

After I photographed Ezekiel Lara's baseball game last month I told his mom, "Look, I'm not a baseball fan but he's talented! He's going to be someone, someday!" Her face beamed with a mother's pride and I didn't blame her. My camera shook with awe at the team of seven and eight year old boys playing baseball like miniature Derek Jeters and...and...well, that's the only baseball player I know. (Baseball fans, please don't shoot me.)

I believe the parents deserve credit for the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication they pour into their sons' lives, especially the dads and uncles coaching the boys to play their best. I'm sending shout-outs to Christina for always hiring me to document these milestones in her family's lives; and to the coaches who were so helpful in lending me the bucket to stand on while I shot the game behind the fence. These photos wouldn't have happened with that solid bucket I balanced on. 


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