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July 02, 2014  •  2 Comments

I rarely have time for myself let alone my loved ones so if I'm not careful months will accelerate with busyness. I've learned the hard way that neglecting my overall well-being leads to the demise of my health and sanity. Worst of all, neglecting quality time with the important people in my life leads to the path of misery and regret. I make a conscious effort to carve out time for myself and those I call family and friends.

I've been blessed in my role as Godmother having three goddaughters ranging from the ages of 23 to two years old. When my cousins asked me to be Cams's godmother I cried. I vowed to pursue life with her no matter how busy I got and when they moved an hour and a half away I was grateful it wasn't in another state or country. Last Saturday I spent time with my goddaughter who's now old enough to call me "Nina." (Filipinos call their godmothers Ninang.)

It was hot in Old Town Temecula so Cammy girl was ecstatic when she found water. If I took my shoes off and waded in the fountain with her I'm sure someone would call the police on the crazy lady. Photographing kids at play allows me to relish in their uninhibited freedom to express joy as I chafe within the confines of adulthood.  Look at her smile and see for yourself. 


Nannette Ricaforte Photography
Thanks Christalle! But it's your beautiful child with the personality that made my pictures shine! So thank you for letting me take pics of her and post them. All my love to you guys!
It's amazing what you can do with the camera and in just a few minutes. Thankful for your creative eyes!
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