Boomboxery Meet-up | Hollywood

October 30, 2015  •  2 Comments

It's a good year when I get to photograph the Boomboxery guys twice in one year. They're not just clients anymore, they've become good friends and family. I thought I didn't have to explain what a boombox was or why these guys do what they do. But I showed their picture to someone who is under thirty years old and with a perplexed look she asked, " Are those real? What are they trying to do?" I think I unconsciously grabbed my shirt ready to tear it like a high priest tore his clothes for blasphemy. 

These guys are keeping the classic boombox/ghetto blasters alive and rightly so. All of the 80's kids have vivid memories of boomboxes, break dancers, hip hop, etc. It was a good time before iPods and MP3 players. I can say that these guys elicited many smiles and Oh snaps on Hollywood Blvd. 

I want to give the guys (and their ladies) a huge shout-out not only for trusting me to capture their meet-ups but for having the confidence in my creativity. You guys are awesome for giving me the freedom to do what i do best! And special thanks to my boyfriend, Ray Belling, for assisting me with lighting and for taking pictures with the second camera I asked him to hold. it was difficult to narrow down my favorite images but here they are! 

Keep on keeping the boombox alive!  The beautiful ladies of Boomboxery: Left to Right: Le Oshaiea, Imelda, Bea, and Heidi

The beautiful ladies of Boomboxery from left to right: Le Oshaiea, Imelda, Bea and Heidi. 


Steve & Bea(non-registered)
Nannette and Ray you guys are the absolute coolest! Thank you both for helping us capture these fun times and memories. Many more goodtimes will follow. And a big THANK YOU on behalf of the entire Boomboxery forum members for all your hard work! ✌
Steve (aka SLO) and Bea(non-registered)
Nannette we cant thank you guys enough for capturing these fun times for us all! You and Ray are the absolute best, much love to the both of ya!
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