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Senior & Graduation Portraits

Whittier, California

Class of 2018

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March For Our Lives | Downtown, Los Angeles March For Our Lives

Downtown, L.A. 

March 24, 2018

All film images


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Ricaforte Family | Portrait Session Ricaforte Family Party of 7

December 2016

Cerritos Library & Sculpture Garden

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Warner Family Portrait Session Warner Family Session 

Baby Announcement

Fullerton, CA

Digital + Film

Film Portraits

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Lara Family | Portrait Shoot Lara Family

Downtown Santa Ana

November 2017


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Anna + Jo | Maternity Session Anna + Jo

Maternity Session

Long Beach, CA

March 2017

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Jen + Guy | Engagement Session Jen and Guy

Engagement session (Digital + Film)

Downtown Santa Ana, CA

May 2017

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Eryka and Her Squad | Engagement Session Boho chic engagement shoot

Bride-to-be and her squad

November 2016

Santa Ana, CA 

Eryka, Mireya, Kani, Mayra, Maria, Cynthia, Adriana

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Christina | Maternity Session Maternity Session

Mama-to-be: Christina

August 2017

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Hands of a Caregiver | Last Installment This past Father's Day we celebrated my dad's life and the one year anniversary of his death. It's only fitting that I finally complete the photo project I started when he was sick. My mom had a priest come to the house on Father's Day to hold a mass for my family. The priest spoke of grief and how the one year anniversary usually marks the time when we (in the Filipino culture) move on. 

I wish I could tell him that my mom hasn't moved on and is merely existing. She will be for a long time. Who can blame her? She was married to my dad for 49 years and was his full-time caregiver in the years he was sick. 

I wish I could tell the priest that although his words were intended for comfort they irked me in his assumption that moving on was easy. 

The pictures below are from the week before my dad passed away. In his weakened state he still managed to get angry at me for taking his pictures. I pled for a minute but the flick of his hand had the power to make me shuffle out of the room like a chastened five-year-old. 

I documented my mom as his caregiver because for me this is the embodiment of marriage instead of what the perfectly filtered squares on Instagram or Hollywood movies portray. You can't get more authentic than this. Marriage is about selfless service. It's about giving of yourself in the midst of unbearable heartbreak and fear. It's loving someone through the ugliness of disease and impending death. 

I had the choice to be ignorant of the beauty in these images or face them with love and acceptance. Today I have no regrets for doing what I do best. 

[To read my personal account on grief please head over to my personal blog here.]


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March for Truth | Los Angeles March for Truth

Los Angeles

June 3, 2017

~~~~~~~~ F I L M ~~~~~~~~


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Women's March 2017 | Pershing Square Los Angeles Women's March

January 21, 2017

Pershing Square, Los Angeles

To read why I marched head over to my personal blog by clicking here.


These are the photos I took with my film camera.

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Tristan + Becca Wedding How many moms can say they documented their son and daughter-in-love's once-in-a-lifetime moment? I have a few regrettable moments in my life but photographing their wedding won't be one of them. Before I bore you with my sappy and sentimental words I'll stop here so you can enjoy their narrative moments in portraits. 

[Disclaimer: I'm not a wedding photographer anymore. My son's wedding was an exception.]

Venue: Orcutt Ranch Horticultural Center

Hair by: Arlene Reyes

Makeup by: Caren Elle

Flowers by: Bellatula Floral & Events

DJ: Dj Icy Ice

Videography by: Jime Sechinbaatar Videography & Photography

Photobooth by: Fresh Printz Photography

Photography by: yours truly


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Sleeklens Lightroom Presets Review I'm often asked whether or not I use filters on my images. My typical response is: I don't use Instagram filters but I'll use apps to adjust exposure, tones, contrast, saturation, shadows, and highlights. It's at this point that I lose them. Everyone wants a quick fix.

For editing in my professional photography I use Lightroom software 99% of the time and I begin each session by first adjusting the image's exposure if needed, decrease or increase shadows and highlights, sharpen and tweak white balance. This method obviously takes up a lot of my time since I do my own editing. I've tried a few presets in the past but I was never happy with the results as my images were altered beyond my satisfaction.

Enter Sleeklens Lightroom Portrait Presets. What makes these presets unique is the ability to layer or stack them. You have the option to apply an all-in-one preset to your image which can be a bit much for my taste. If I choose the all-in-one I'll adjust accordingly by slightly decreasing contrast, shadows, highlights, and tone until I achieve the desired effect. Or, you can choose to use one preset or layer or stack them depending on how heavily you want to edit your photos.

Since I specialize in portraits I find myself using the local adjustment brushes that come with the portrait workflow more often than the presets. These help tremendously in enhancing catchlights, softening skin tone, brightening eyes, etc.

For Lightroom users, Sleeklens offers an array of presets that will fit your editing needs and streamline your workflow once you become familiar with using them. Even better, they also offer Professional Photo editing services if you're pressed for time. 

Below I've included before and after images I've edited with the Sleeklens portrait presets.


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Halloween 2015 | West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval If you're a native of L.A. it's a must to spend Halloween on the streets of WeHo at least once in your life. Sure, it might not be for the faint of heart so attend at your own risk.

I've lived in the vicinity of L.A. for over 46 years and last year I finally experienced the best Halloween ever. I've been invited to plenty of Halloween parties in my long-ish life which always entailed clubs or indoor house parties. Put me outdoors in the middle of a music festival and I am happy.

So, did the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval live up to its hype? Heck yes. You can't beat a free event where you walk up and down Santa Monica Blvd. (between Doheny and La Cienega) showing off your costume surrounded by thousands of other Halloween revelers outdoing each other in their outrageous and extraordinary costumes. When you think you've seen it all you walk a few more yards and know you have yet to see it all! (I was Carol from The Walking Dead Season 6 pretending to be one of the Wolves. My boyfriend was hip hop dude with the afro.)

I probably won't make it to another one until Halloween falls on a Saturday again, because you know, adulting. Until then, I have these pictures to remind me of my best Halloween ever.

Happy Halloween! Stay safe!


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Tristan and Becca Wedding Video Highlights I'm sharing my son and his wife's wedding video here because I'm lagging in posting their wedding photos. Although I was advised numerous times by well-meaning people NOT to shoot my son's wedding I have no regrets in playing an intimate part of their special day.

Watching this video shot by the creative, as well as talented, Jime Sechinbaatar, let me relive the beautiful moments one hundred times over. Ummm...yes, I've had it on replay since he posted it. Who knew I had an abundance of tears to shed? And when you see my son walking me down the aisle with my camera gear in tow there is no denying the memories my future grandchildren will have.

Thank you, Jime, for this precious gift. It means so much to all of us!

Hair by: Arlene Reyes

Makeup by: Caren Elle

Flowers by: Bellatula Floral & Events

DJ: Dj Icy Ice

Videography by: Jime Sechinbaatar Videography & Photography

Photobooth by: Fresh Printz Photography

Photography by: yours truly


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Holden Fox | O.C. Newborn and Family Session How obnoxious would I be if I posted ALL the photos from this newborn and family session? I photographed Holden in his über cool abode when he was only two months old but I lagged in posting his pictures on this blog. 

He's the long-awaited rainbow baby in the Fox household. For those of you who are wondering what a rainbow baby is let me tell you before you hit Google with your search like I did. Rainbow babies are babies who are born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. I can tell you, after what his parents (and my good friends) have gone through, Holden embodies the definition of rainbow baby as he has brought a promise of beauty, life, and happiness to his parents. 

Look at his eyes and don't deny they have the power to melt you. Editing his photos elicited hours of squealing and awwww-ing, which is probably why I took so long in posting them. 

To Mike and Lina (or as I affectionately have called them, Team Mean Bike),

Thank you for inviting me into your retro-modern home and letting me do my thang with my Canon.  When I said I wanted to snap lifestyle images you, your house, AND your boy delivered. I felt like a paparazzo but with permission. To say I'm happy for you would be an understatement. Capturing life in the Fox residence for one day was beyond fun and I hope these pictures convey that. 


Nanners a.k.a. "Gramma Nette" (although, technically, I'm Holden's auntie but I don't have the heart to correct his mom.) 

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Family + Lifestyle Portrait Session You know those days when you're having a miserable day but someone genuinely flashes a beautiful smile at you and instantly banishes the misery away? That's how I met this lovely girl with the luminous smile and badass tattoos. Okay, so I didn't know when she smiled at me that she had tats as we met at my old job in the cube farm. 

She said she wanted family portraits done at home (YES!) and she wanted some with their tattoos, too! (YES! YES! YES!) So, here are the images that she deemed her favorite, which, according to her is rare. I never like pictures of myself, she says, maybe one or two but I like these. (WHEWWWW!) 

Well, I was just happy to photograph a good-looking couple who sport tattoos! Thank you, girl (and boy) with the tattoos, for inviting me into your home to photograph a snippet of your life. 

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Cruz Family | L.A. Maternity Shoot I love it when my "client" a.k.a. my cousin and her husband's artistic vision collide with all that is up my alley: urban maternity photo shoot in the City of Angels with possibly the cityscape as a background. June gloom burned off just in time on this Sunday morning to give us beautiful light for our session. My niece, Malaya, employed the Force push to keep me going. (Not pictured here---me wearing my Star Wars pants. Hence, the Force push.) 

Baby Cruz numero dos is due in August and we can't wait to meet her! In the meantime, enjoy their family maternity photos! 

***Force push***

***Force push***

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Tristan + Becca Save the Date The caption on one of the images I posted on Instagram read: 

My thoughts as I shot my youngest spawn and future daughter-in-law's save-the-date pics: "Awww they look so cute together sitting like that."---- "Ohhh, they're kissing...euwww. Too long. Stop that!" -----"But dang, they're going to have some good-looking kids." ----"OMG, my baby boy is getting married!" *sniff* *sniff* (They had no idea I was tearing up behind the lens.)

Was it weird shooting my son and future daughter-in-law's save the date pictures? Awkward, maybe? Nah. It was almost surreal. As if the young mom from a different dimension who photographed her curly haired doe-eyed baby boy with her Canon film camera collided with the present mom taking pictures of that now grown up baby boy with his fiancée.

In just 87 days, 0 hours, 30 minutes, and 17 second from the time of this post Tristan and Becca will be married on August 21, 2016. And I will savor every minute I have documenting their narrative moments. 


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