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18th Birthday 

Aerial House 

January 18, 2020

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Caitlin + Ryan | Engagement session Caitlin + Ryan 

Engagement Session

Pacific Beach, San Diego


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1st Annual San Diego Boombox Meet 1st Annual San Diego Boomboxery Meet

La Vuelta, Barrio Logan

August 14, 2019



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Women's March 2019 | Los Angeles Women's March

January 19, 2019

Los Angeles, CA

Film + Digital

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Art and Family Day October 2018

Art and Family Portraits

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Lara Family | Family Portrait Session The Lara Family

November 2018

Cerritos Sculpture Garden

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Elijah | Graduation | Portrait Session Elijah Ricaforte

Senior & Graduation Portraits

Whittier, California

Class of 2018

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March For Our Lives | Downtown, Los Angeles March For Our Lives

Downtown, L.A. 

March 24, 2018

All film images


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Ricaforte Family | Portrait Session Ricaforte Family Party of 7

December 2016

Cerritos Library & Sculpture Garden

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Warner Family Portrait Session Warner Family Session 

Baby Announcement

Fullerton, CA

Digital + Film

Film Portraits

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Lara Family | Portrait Shoot Lara Family

Downtown Santa Ana

November 2017


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Anna + Jo | Maternity Session Anna + Jo

Maternity Session

Long Beach, CA

March 2017

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Jen + Guy | Engagement Session Jen and Guy

Engagement session (Digital + Film)

Downtown Santa Ana, CA

May 2017

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Eryka and Her Squad | Engagement Session Boho chic engagement shoot

Bride-to-be and her squad

November 2016

Santa Ana, CA 

Eryka, Mireya, Kani, Mayra, Maria, Cynthia, Adriana

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Christina | Maternity Session Maternity Session

Mama-to-be: Christina

August 2017

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Hands of a Caregiver | Last Installment This past Father's Day we celebrated my dad's life and the one year anniversary of his death. It's only fitting that I finally complete the photo project I started when he was sick. My mom had a priest come to the house on Father's Day to hold a mass for my family. The priest spoke of grief and how the one year anniversary usually marks the time when we (in the Filipino culture) move on. 

I wish I could tell him that my mom hasn't moved on and is merely existing. She will be for a long time. Who can blame her? She was married to my dad for 49 years and was his full-time caregiver in the years he was sick. 

I wish I could tell the priest that although his words were intended for comfort they irked me in his assumption that moving on was easy. 

The pictures below are from the week before my dad passed away. In his weakened state he still managed to get angry at me for taking his pictures. I pled for a minute but the flick of his hand had the power to make me shuffle out of the room like a chastened five-year-old. 

I documented my mom as his caregiver because for me this is the embodiment of marriage instead of what the perfectly filtered squares on Instagram or Hollywood movies portray. You can't get more authentic than this. Marriage is about selfless service. It's about giving of yourself in the midst of unbearable heartbreak and fear. It's loving someone through the ugliness of disease and impending death. 

I had the choice to be ignorant of the beauty in these images or face them with love and acceptance. Today I have no regrets for doing what I do best. 

[To read my personal account on grief please head over to my personal blog here.]


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March for Truth | Los Angeles March for Truth

Los Angeles

June 3, 2017

~~~~~~~~ F I L M ~~~~~~~~


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Women's March 2017 | Pershing Square Los Angeles Women's March

January 21, 2017

Pershing Square, Los Angeles

To read why I marched head over to my personal blog by clicking here.


These are the photos I took with my film camera.

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Tristan + Becca Wedding How many moms can say they documented their son and daughter-in-love's once-in-a-lifetime moment? I have a few regrettable moments in my life but photographing their wedding won't be one of them. Before I bore you with my sappy and sentimental words I'll stop here so you can enjoy their narrative moments in portraits. 

[Disclaimer: I'm not a wedding photographer anymore. My son's wedding was an exception.]

Venue: Orcutt Ranch Horticultural Center

Hair by: Arlene Reyes

Makeup by: Caren Elle

Flowers by: Bellatula Floral & Events

DJ: Dj Icy Ice

Videography by: Jime Sechinbaatar Videography & Photography

Photobooth by: Fresh Printz Photography

Photography by: yours truly


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Sleeklens Lightroom Presets Review I'm often asked whether or not I use filters on my images. My typical response is: I don't use Instagram filters but I'll use apps to adjust exposure, tones, contrast, saturation, shadows, and highlights. It's at this point that I lose them. Everyone wants a quick fix.

For editing in my professional photography I use Lightroom software 99% of the time and I begin each session by first adjusting the image's exposure if needed, decrease or increase shadows and highlights, sharpen and tweak white balance. This method obviously takes up a lot of my time since I do my own editing. I've tried a few presets in the past but I was never happy with the results as my images were altered beyond my satisfaction.

Enter Sleeklens Lightroom Portrait Presets. What makes these presets unique is the ability to layer or stack them. You have the option to apply an all-in-one preset to your image which can be a bit much for my taste. If I choose the all-in-one I'll adjust accordingly by slightly decreasing contrast, shadows, highlights, and tone until I achieve the desired effect. Or, you can choose to use one preset or layer or stack them depending on how heavily you want to edit your photos.

Since I specialize in portraits I find myself using the local adjustment brushes that come with the portrait workflow more often than the presets. These help tremendously in enhancing catchlights, softening skin tone, brightening eyes, etc.

For Lightroom users, Sleeklens offers an array of presets that will fit your editing needs and streamline your workflow once you become familiar with using them. Even better, they also offer Professional Photo editing services if you're pressed for time. 

Below I've included before and after images I've edited with the Sleeklens portrait presets.


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Halloween 2015 | West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval If you're a native of L.A. it's a must to spend Halloween on the streets of WeHo at least once in your life. Sure, it might not be for the faint of heart so attend at your own risk.

I've lived in the vicinity of L.A. for over 46 years and last year I finally experienced the best Halloween ever. I've been invited to plenty of Halloween parties in my long-ish life which always entailed clubs or indoor house parties. Put me outdoors in the middle of a music festival and I am happy.

So, did the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval live up to its hype? Heck yes. You can't beat a free event where you walk up and down Santa Monica Blvd. (between Doheny and La Cienega) showing off your costume surrounded by thousands of other Halloween revelers outdoing each other in their outrageous and extraordinary costumes. When you think you've seen it all you walk a few more yards and know you have yet to see it all! (I was Carol from The Walking Dead Season 6 pretending to be one of the Wolves. My boyfriend was hip hop dude with the afro.)

I probably won't make it to another one until Halloween falls on a Saturday again, because you know, adulting. Until then, I have these pictures to remind me of my best Halloween ever.

Happy Halloween! Stay safe!


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Tristan and Becca Wedding Video Highlights I'm sharing my son and his wife's wedding video here because I'm lagging in posting their wedding photos. Although I was advised numerous times by well-meaning people NOT to shoot my son's wedding I have no regrets in playing an intimate part of their special day.

Watching this video shot by the creative, as well as talented, Jime Sechinbaatar, let me relive the beautiful moments one hundred times over. Ummm...yes, I've had it on replay since he posted it. Who knew I had an abundance of tears to shed? And when you see my son walking me down the aisle with my camera gear in tow there is no denying the memories my future grandchildren will have.

Thank you, Jime, for this precious gift. It means so much to all of us!

Hair by: Arlene Reyes

Makeup by: Caren Elle

Flowers by: Bellatula Floral & Events

DJ: Dj Icy Ice

Videography by: Jime Sechinbaatar Videography & Photography

Photobooth by: Fresh Printz Photography

Photography by: yours truly


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Holden Fox | O.C. Newborn and Family Session How obnoxious would I be if I posted ALL the photos from this newborn and family session? I photographed Holden in his über cool abode when he was only two months old but I lagged in posting his pictures on this blog. 

He's the long-awaited rainbow baby in the Fox household. For those of you who are wondering what a rainbow baby is let me tell you before you hit Google with your search like I did. Rainbow babies are babies who are born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. I can tell you, after what his parents (and my good friends) have gone through, Holden embodies the definition of rainbow baby as he has brought a promise of beauty, life, and happiness to his parents. 

Look at his eyes and don't deny they have the power to melt you. Editing his photos elicited hours of squealing and awwww-ing, which is probably why I took so long in posting them. 

To Mike and Lina (or as I affectionately have called them, Team Mean Bike),

Thank you for inviting me into your retro-modern home and letting me do my thang with my Canon.  When I said I wanted to snap lifestyle images you, your house, AND your boy delivered. I felt like a paparazzo but with permission. To say I'm happy for you would be an understatement. Capturing life in the Fox residence for one day was beyond fun and I hope these pictures convey that. 


Nanners a.k.a. "Gramma Nette" (although, technically, I'm Holden's auntie but I don't have the heart to correct his mom.) 

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Family + Lifestyle Portrait Session You know those days when you're having a miserable day but someone genuinely flashes a beautiful smile at you and instantly banishes the misery away? That's how I met this lovely girl with the luminous smile and badass tattoos. Okay, so I didn't know when she smiled at me that she had tats as we met at my old job in the cube farm. 

She said she wanted family portraits done at home (YES!) and she wanted some with their tattoos, too! (YES! YES! YES!) So, here are the images that she deemed her favorite, which, according to her is rare. I never like pictures of myself, she says, maybe one or two but I like these. (WHEWWWW!) 

Well, I was just happy to photograph a good-looking couple who sport tattoos! Thank you, girl (and boy) with the tattoos, for inviting me into your home to photograph a snippet of your life. 

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Cruz Family | L.A. Maternity Shoot I love it when my "client" a.k.a. my cousin and her husband's artistic vision collide with all that is up my alley: urban maternity photo shoot in the City of Angels with possibly the cityscape as a background. June gloom burned off just in time on this Sunday morning to give us beautiful light for our session. My niece, Malaya, employed the Force push to keep me going. (Not pictured here---me wearing my Star Wars pants. Hence, the Force push.) 

Baby Cruz numero dos is due in August and we can't wait to meet her! In the meantime, enjoy their family maternity photos! 

***Force push***

***Force push***

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Tristan + Becca Save the Date The caption on one of the images I posted on Instagram read: 

My thoughts as I shot my youngest spawn and future daughter-in-law's save-the-date pics: "Awww they look so cute together sitting like that."---- "Ohhh, they're kissing...euwww. Too long. Stop that!" -----"But dang, they're going to have some good-looking kids." ----"OMG, my baby boy is getting married!" *sniff* *sniff* (They had no idea I was tearing up behind the lens.)

Was it weird shooting my son and future daughter-in-law's save the date pictures? Awkward, maybe? Nah. It was almost surreal. As if the young mom from a different dimension who photographed her curly haired doe-eyed baby boy with her Canon film camera collided with the present mom taking pictures of that now grown up baby boy with his fiancée.

In just 87 days, 0 hours, 30 minutes, and 17 second from the time of this post Tristan and Becca will be married on August 21, 2016. And I will savor every minute I have documenting their narrative moments. 


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Hands of a Caregiver | Mother's Day installment | Personal Project I'm writing my second installment of my personal photography project as it coincides with Mother's Day. I'll look back at this time with my parents and remember the gestures. My memories of loved ones always replay in a panoply of simple gestures and it won't be any different with my mom and dad. 

Today is Mother's Day and while everyone is celebrating at restaurants or having a family feast at home, my family will spend it in my dad's hospital room. It's his second hospital stint in two weeks which have been emotionally intense. It's the beginning of a journey many have taken and endured. 

Since my dad's illness two years ago I've watched my mom in her full-time, twenty-four-hour caregiver role. Her gestures while caring for my dad tell a narrative of a deep, abiding devotion to the man she vowed to love in sickness and in health. Her commitment is conveyed through every diaper change; her homecooked meals speak of fortification; her sleepless nights reveal concern; her loyalty expressed in his washed laundry; her hope evident in the meticulous way she dispersed his medication; her fidelity communicated each time she's broken down and cried. 

In the past two weeks, she's ridden in one ambulance too many and slept nightly on uncomfortable hospital sofas. Her heart's been crushed at being told her husband of 49 years is nearing the end: cancer is spreading, renal failure with fluid retention, etc. More than watching my dad's suffering, my mom's fear of being left alone is the most excruciating to bear. I know her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkid will be incapable of filling the vast absence my dad will leave behind. Will surrounding her with love, support and patience  be enough?

When I look back on this particular Mother's Day I'll remember how my mom defined motherhood not through her maternal ministrations but by her true character as a woman who loves deeply and selflessly. 

For those of you who have lost your mom I send a prayer of honor for her. To all the moms who are living, loving, caring, giving, nurturing, working, protecting, comforting, and doing her thing I salute all of you! 

To my Mom, I know today isn't a happy one for you but we all love you. Happy Mother's Day! 

(You can read my first installment of my personal project: Hands of a Caregiver.)



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Hands of a Caregiver | Personal Project
I started this personal photography project last year in August after watching my mom, day after day, care for my dad after his debilitating illness rendered him wheelchair bound in 2014. It goes without saying that watching your parents age and get sick is horrifying. 
Some people accept it with grace. Me? I get angry and frustrated which, I recently realized (thanks to my boyfriend) is born out of fear. The underlying emotion is always fear of seeing your once strong parents become a frail version of themselves. 
In October of 2014 my dad's neurologist diagnosed my dad with a stroke in his spine which left his legs useless. We didn't think he had long to live but I believe my dad's stubborn will has somehow convinced God he can stay around a bit longer. Don't get me wrong, we're all grateful. But watching my mom in her quiet, unassuming way, care for this handful of a man is frustrating sometimes. I watch them knowing this is committed love in action. 
I barely do enough to help my parents. I do what I can but never enough. I watched my boyfriend take care of his terminally ill mother twenty four hours a day for four years until she passed in 2013. He did everything for her. My cousin in San Diego is also another shining example of a selfless caregiver to her parent  Their example should be one I adopt as my own. 
But  all I can do is do my best to help my parents. In a perfect world I wouldn't hesitate in quitting my full-time job to help my mom. Heck, in a perfect world my parents wouldn't be sick, old, and frail. 
This isn't going to be a warm and fuzzy tale of a perfect family coming to terms with life events. My dad and I spent most of our lives fighting with each other, arguing incessantly about trivial crap, just so one of us can hold our ground in our rightness. I'm not here to wax poetic on what a wonderful daughter I've been because sadly I wasn't. It wasn't until he was confined to his wheelchair when we both laid our differences aside and granted each other forgiveness.  
And so begins my ongoing personal project. 
This is not my story, this is theirs
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Tristan + Becca | Griffith Park Observatory Proposal The theme of my photography is "Narrative Moments in Portraits" and no session embodies that more than Tristan and Becca's proposal. Let me tell you the narrative moments that led up to Saturday, December 26, 2015. 

In 2007 I started attending monthly meetings for a non-profit organization, My Refuge House, which were led by Danny Cortez and Lila De Fiesta. We soon became close friends over our mutual vision to create a safe place for victims rescued from human trafficking and the sex trade in the Philippines. During that year I met Lila's beautiful daughters, Becca and Jordan, who were 16 and 13 at the time. I came to love them as my own. Ironically, I also found out Danny was the Danny Cortez who went to the same high school I did in Cerritos and who happens to be Becca's uncle. I know, it's true, Filipinos are all somehow related. 

On Becca's 18th birthday, Lila let me know I was invited to the big birthday debut shindig they were throwing for Becca and suggested I bring Tristan as my date. I sensed a not-so-subtle matchmaking in the works but I was down. I credit Lila for her foresight as it never entered my feeble brain to introduce my son and Becca in the two years we were volunteering for My Refuge House. Becca and I manned the My Refuge House booth a handful of times during fundraising events and you'd think my intuition would be on high alert but nope, even my sixth sense was on sleep mode.

Although, Tristan and Becca, met the night of her debut their lives weren't in sync in that year. I shrugged, secretly hid my disappointment, and borrowed my sister's phrase, "C'est la vie." That's life. 

It took three years for their paths to converge into one they could walk side-by-side on. I believe shock was the best word to describe my initial reaction when he asked to borrow my car to take Becca on a date. Their relationship became official on 7.27.2012. 

Fast forward three years later to Saturday, 12.26. 2015. We were freezing up on Griffith Observatory and who knew it was going to be mad chaos with people visiting from all over the world?! Becca thought crazy me wanted to take family pictures and she went along with it much to our relief. Let me tell you, getting up to the Observatory was pretty insane. The traffic was the kind that makes L.A. the city you cuss at. Parking was available down the hill near Greek Theater and you either hoofed it up to the Observatory or paid $2 for a shuttle. We, as in my boyfriend, Ray, my daughter, Chloe, my granddaughter, Rylee, and I opted for the shuttle. 

We all arrived earlier than Tristan and Becca. Her parents, siblings, grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, a handful of friends and coworkers, hid behind the monument that sits in front of the Observatory. Ray, who was my second shooter, was going to signal them to let them know they were near. 

I saw Becca's face when they walked toward me and I could tell she was NOT happy. I later found out she wanted to wear jeans but Tristan suggested a dress since "my mom wants family pictures." Poor girl braved the wind and cold to indulge me and my family pictures. 

As you can see from the first picture below I told them to gaze at the Hollywood sign so I could take some test shots. While I pretended to take a few shots, Ray signaled her family, their friends, and coworkers to stand behind us. I wasn't sure if I was shivering from the cold or excitement but my teeth were chattering so much I thought my braces were going to snap off. When everyone was situated behind me I called out to them. Okay, you guys can turn around now, I'm good. 

Tristan and Becca slowly turned around. Her eyes widened when she saw the crowd of loved ones and said, "WHOA!" My son said a few things to her that none of us could hear, dropped to one knee, and asked Becca to be my future daughter-in-law his future wife! I don't have to explain further since the pictures Ray and I took illustrate their narrative moments. 

You see the hashtag "#proudmom" all over social media but I couldn't have been more proud of my son that day as he proposed to Becca. Yes, I gained another beautiful daughter but I can now officially claim her family as my own. They are so stuck with me! 

Tristan and Becca, you know I love you both like mad crazy. Congratulations on this new journey you're on! 

Special thanks to the De Fiesta and Cortez family for helping us make this happen as well as their friends and co-workers. Huge thanks to Danny Cortez for shooting video and taking pics, too!

And my gratitude shout out goes to Ray for stepping in as my second shooter. If not for him, I wouldn't have eaten lunch (he forced me to sit down and eat a sandwich) or gotten more shots of the proposal since I blanked out from all the emotion! 


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Warner Family Newborn Session My 2015 was filled with baby bumps and newborns so there was much anticipation before the arrival of baby Naomi Fe. Or, maybe it was because I photographed her gender reveal and baby shower which lent to the build-up of excitement.

On Sunday, November 29, 2015, beautiful Naomi Fe joined her big brother Ezra, Mom, and Dad, weighing in at 8 pounds, 8.4 oz, and 21 inches. For those close to the Warner family it seemed as if Santa and his reindeer did an early run on Christmas presents! 

I love photographing lifestyle family portraits in the comfort of their home. With newborns it's obviously easier but older siblings benefit by feeling comfortable in their domain. The more comfortable they are the better I can snap their pics! 

I’m a mom of three which means I know full well how older siblings act when a new baby enters their realm. I made sure Ezra got his own photo shoot in as you can see by his handsome face in his portraits below. A big plus, was Jack, their oh-so-docile golden retriever. Newborn, toddler, doggy, aromatic Christmas trees, and patient albeit tired parents---what more can a portrait photographer ask for?

My gratitude goes out to Ben, Lesley, Ezra, baby Naomi, and Jack Warner! Thank you so very much for letting me shoot your lifestyle family and newborn holiday portraits! 

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Walton Newborn and Family I usually have a vision of the type of images I want to take before I begin a photo session. But with a newborn session I know to expect the unexpected and roll with the personality of the baby. 

Baby Paxton was barely two weeks but he definitely knew that swaddling was not his thing, which eliminated most of the images I envisioned. So I followed Paxton's lead and along with his amazing parents we were able to capture life in the Walton home. 

I love photographing hands-on dads so I thought Brian did a great job in changing a fussy Paxton who obviously did not like it. Of course, as a die-hard bibliophile I immediately knew when I walked into their home that I would incorporate some of the books I saw on their bookshelves. 

Mad love to Brian, Laura, and Paxton Walton for inviting me to photograph your narrative moments showing real life in your lovely home! 
I didn't notice the beautiful yellow wall in their building entrance until Laura brought me out there. Okay hi, photographer's heaven right there! 

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The Lara Family Maternity Session I doubt I'll never NOT feel amazement whenever I photograph this family. Yes, they're my friends but documenting their life's special moments is something I don't take for granted. We squeezed in this session on a weeknight in downtown Santa Ana because our schedules are borderline chaotic. Well, I speak for myself.

Lionel coaches both Ezekiel and Zachary's baseball teams while Christi just does her Supermom thing. You know, full-time work, full-time mom, full-time baseball mom, and add to those roles girlfriend and sister. I watch her and think to myself, "Man, if I'm exhausted how is SHE doing it all?"

And to show you just how behind schedule I am in posting my sessions on this blog I'm writing this on the day baby Zaden was born. Yes, Lara boy #3 has "entered the game" as Lionel says on his Instagram post.

I'm so happy for all of you and I can't wait to meet baby Zaden!


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Baby Lara Announcement Session My jaw dropped when my good friend, Christi, told me she was a) pregnant with her third child and b) just acquired a Saint Bernard puppy. It didn't take long for me to speak again because she asked if I could help brainstorm their baby announcement pictures. 

Ezekiel, Zachary, and Jeter the St. Bernard puppy, were all smiles during this session. They were having so much fun I couldn't help but stop to join in the fun. (That picture isn't included.) You should see how huge Jeter is now but that's for another session. 

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Adelaide Mari Is Here | Newborn and Family Portrait Session The title of this blog post is misleading. Adelaide Mari has been here and technically she's no longer a newborn. She's four months old now and yes, it's taken that long for me to post these images of when she was four days old. 

I love it when people invite me into their homes where I feel I can best capture their life in its authenticity. I hung out while mommy, daddy, and grandma orbited around baby Adelaide Mari. How could you not? 

Graeme is a total hands on daddy, quick to change Adelaide's diaper or soothe her while she fussed. Heidi and her mum, Terri, were there for cuddles, and feeding, and a whole lotta lovin'. I could tell this little light of theirs will take them on a grand adventure. 

Huge thanks to Graeme, Heidi, and Terri for welcoming me into your lives for one afternoon. And to little Miss Adelaide Mari, I can't wait to watch you grow up. But take it slow, girl, take it slow! 

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The Swifts | Maternity session It's taken me months to post my sessions on the blog so this Thanksgiving I'm doing what I call a blog dump. It would be an understatement if I said I was thankful for the people who entrusted me this year to photograph their milestones. Because my gratitude runs deep and flows beyond the place where words aren't enough. 

Heidi and Graeme chose San Juan Capistrano for their maternity session and with a little help from my "assistant" their narrative moments were told in portraits. 

My grandkid, Rylee, the best little assistant ever! 

]]> (Nannette Ricaforte Photography) Portraits San Juan Capistrano maternity narrative moments in portraits Mon, 30 Nov 2015 17:00:00 GMT
Boomboxery Meet-up | Hollywood It's a good year when I get to photograph the Boomboxery guys twice in one year. They're not just clients anymore, they've become good friends and family. I thought I didn't have to explain what a boombox was or why these guys do what they do. But I showed their picture to someone who is under thirty years old and with a perplexed look she asked, " Are those real? What are they trying to do?" I think I unconsciously grabbed my shirt ready to tear it like a high priest tore his clothes for blasphemy. 

These guys are keeping the classic boombox/ghetto blasters alive and rightly so. All of the 80's kids have vivid memories of boomboxes, break dancers, hip hop, etc. It was a good time before iPods and MP3 players. I can say that these guys elicited many smiles and Oh snaps on Hollywood Blvd. 

I want to give the guys (and their ladies) a huge shout-out not only for trusting me to capture their meet-ups but for having the confidence in my creativity. You guys are awesome for giving me the freedom to do what i do best! And special thanks to my boyfriend, Ray Belling, for assisting me with lighting and for taking pictures with the second camera I asked him to hold. it was difficult to narrow down my favorite images but here they are! 

Keep on keeping the boombox alive!  The beautiful ladies of Boomboxery: Left to Right: Le Oshaiea, Imelda, Bea, and Heidi

The beautiful ladies of Boomboxery from left to right: Le Oshaiea, Imelda, Bea and Heidi. 

]]> (Nannette Ricaforte Photography) Hollywood Hollywood HIgh School Hollywood and Highland Los Angeles Los Angeles Portrait Photographer Portraits boomboxery ghetto blaster hip hop Fri, 30 Oct 2015 21:35:47 GMT
Kristie | Portrait | DTLA I'm drawn to uber confident people who rock their unique style. The kind of people who live their life according to what makes them happy instead of listening to the unsolicited opinion of others. 

So it was a total no-brainer when Kristie approached me with a collaboration idea in DTLA I believe I almost threw myself at her with gratitude and excitement. We headed to DTLA to take portraits for her fashion blog: and had the best time from the Arts District Flea to the 4th Street Bridge to Angel City Brewery! 

]]> (Nannette Ricaforte Photography) 4th Street Bridge Angel City Brewery Arts District Flea DTLA Headshot Los Angeles Los Angeles Portrait Photographer Portrait Portraits Mon, 14 Sep 2015 18:54:57 GMT
Boomboxery Meet-Up | Venice Beach The word "Boombox" elicits nostalgic memories of the good ol' days of cassette tapes, breakdancers, and hip-hop culture. Every time Ray and I have gone to the Beat Swap Meet I'm drawn to the guys walking around with their ghetto blasters and haven't failed to take their picture. Last December at The Container Yard in Downtown L.A. I took the picture below during another afternoon at The Beat swap Meet. 

This picture led to the guys from the Boomboxery crew to ask me to document their meet-up in March at my favorite place to shoot! Venice Beach! I can't thank all the guys enough for giving me free reign to unleash my creative juices that day! 

**Extra special thanks to Ray B. for assisting me that day**





]]> (Nannette Ricaforte Photography) Los Angeles Portraits Venice Beach, boombox cassette ghetto blaster hip-hop old school Thu, 16 Apr 2015 22:03:02 GMT
The Klungreseter Family | Portrait As with all photography the weather could be the bestest BFF or the worst nemesis. We've experienced summer temperatures here in Southern Cali so booking a family portrait at the beach wasn't out of the norm. But Trina and I confirmed that there wouldn't be any sunlight the day of our photo shoot. In fact, the forecast was 40% chance of showers. 

Deep in my heart I've had this ongoing secret prayer that I would get to shoot a family portrait with dramatic clouds instead of golden sunlight.

But who was down?

The Klungreseters that's who! They were an answer to my secret prayer and I couldn't be more happy with their family portraits. They were fun, loving, and laughed. A LOT. And their dogs? They were adorable and had no problem with my directing them as you can see.

I told Trina that I've always wanted to shoot a family portrait with clouds, dogs, and tattoos. (And of course, the most awesome people.) It did rain hard that day but not until after our shoot. Don't ever say prayers are never answered because these photos are proof that mine were. 

]]> (Nannette Ricaforte Photography) Beach Clouds Dogs Family Family Portrait Fun Huntington Dog Beach Orange County Family Photographer Mon, 08 Dec 2014 23:50:00 GMT
Thamrin Wedding | Laguna to Dana Point Have you ever taken the time to watch a closed flower early in the morning slowly open up in radiant splendor once the sunlight touches its petals? That's what happens to Liz whenever she's around her now husband, Wi. She blossoms with vivid light and their laughter leaves one in a rhapsodic state of their love. i can say that with conviction because I had the privilege of riding in the car with them. 

I had them all to myself that day and wanted to capture the essence of their relationship. If a picture is worth a thousand words then may their images tell the tale of their grand love that will only strengthen and deepen throughout the years.

Oh, and I also have to mention how talented Liz is. She created her own bouquet which she presented to me afterwards knowing my favorite color is red.  

]]> (Nannette Ricaforte Photography) Dana Point Laguna Hills Civic Center Lantern Bay Park Natural Light photography Orange County wedding Orange County wedding photographer Mon, 08 Dec 2014 22:54:17 GMT
Nishimura and Kesner | Orcutt Ranch | Los Angeles Wedding Five years ago they went on their first date during the full moon. Since then their love has grown as luminous as the brightest full moon, illuminating everyone who's been fortunate to spend time in their presence.

When they asked me to document their wedding they specified that there wouldn't be posed shots and all would be candid. (Music to this photographer's ears.) 

Their big day was a true celebration of their union surrounded by friends and family belting out songs during the serenade. You know it's going to be a unique wedding when wedding pies graced the table instead of an elaborate multi-tiered cake.

The highlight of the night (at least for me) was finally experiencing the angelic singing voice of my friend, Deb. I've known her for years and have heard rumors of how she "sings like an angel" but it was something I had to experience for myself. The big finale of the night's serenade was Deb singing Something Good from the Sound of Music soundtrack. 

]]> (Nannette Ricaforte Photography) Angeles L.A. Los Orcutt Ranch full love moon photography serenade wedding Mon, 08 Dec 2014 20:47:17 GMT
Goddaughter | Portrait Photography I rarely have time for myself let alone my loved ones so if I'm not careful months will accelerate with busyness. I've learned the hard way that neglecting my overall well-being leads to the demise of my health and sanity. Worst of all, neglecting quality time with the important people in my life leads to the path of misery and regret. I make a conscious effort to carve out time for myself and those I call family and friends.

I've been blessed in my role as Godmother having three goddaughters ranging from the ages of 23 to two years old. When my cousins asked me to be Cams's godmother I cried. I vowed to pursue life with her no matter how busy I got and when they moved an hour and a half away I was grateful it wasn't in another state or country. Last Saturday I spent time with my goddaughter who's now old enough to call me "Nina." (Filipinos call their godmothers Ninang.)

It was hot in Old Town Temecula so Cammy girl was ecstatic when she found water. If I took my shoes off and waded in the fountain with her I'm sure someone would call the police on the crazy lady. Photographing kids at play allows me to relish in their uninhibited freedom to express joy as I chafe within the confines of adulthood.  Look at her smile and see for yourself. 

]]> (Nannette Ricaforte Photography) Children Old Town Temecula be a kid carefree play portrait Thu, 03 Jul 2014 00:21:29 GMT
Alicia | Portrait Photography I always feel like total creepster asking a beautiful woman if I can photograph her. So I do my happy dance when one hires me to take portraits of her to commemorate a milestone birthday. The natural light that streamed into her amazing home in Palm Springs was sublime, creating a luminous environment for our photo shoot. 

Since Alicia’s dogs had to get in on the action by barking suggestions at me I made sure they were included in our photo shoot. Huge bonus of the day came when Alicia’s handsome hubby upped the swoon factor by lavishing attention on one of the doggies.

What is it about men with dogs or babies that make us women melt? 

When Alicia put her black dress on I instantly envisioned dark hazy images with heavy contrast that I've always wanted to try and warned her that I would be getting creative with her images. Thankfully, she was all for it. 

Thank you, Alicia, for welcoming me into your life and home to celebrate the beautiful woman you are! Like I told you at our shoot, the upcoming years will be the best ones yet. 

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2014 Rookie Yankees | Little League When I arrived on the field, Zachary Bronxton and his teammates, were practicing and overloading the field with their cuteness. I've never seen three and four year olds play baseball on a little league team. They were so little, I thought. How was I going to get good action shots from them? 

I learned to never ever underestimate three and four year old boys/girls playing some serious baseball. All I can say is W-O-W!

Unlike at his brother, Ezekiel's, game, I was able to shoot on the field up close instead of balancing on an upturned bucket. See Ezekiel's blog post here

I was a tomboy growing up and wanted nothing more than to play sports but my parents forbade it fearing injuries or ridicule. They believed girls shouldn't play sports so I was amazed and envious of Bronxton and his teammates' burgeoning skills. They had me sweating as I photographed their game. 

I was equally in awe of the dads (and uncle) helping and coaching the kids on the field. Their devotion to the game and the kids was a beautiful thing to capture.

Huge thanks to Lionel and Christina Lara for always letting me document their family's lives. 

]]> (Nannette Ricaforte Photography) 2014 Rookie Yankees East Long Beach Pony Baseball Heartwell Park Little League Long Beach Zachary Bronxton action baseball children event photography Mon, 21 Apr 2014 23:04:53 GMT
East Long Beach Pony Baseball | NY Yankees | Little League After I photographed Ezekiel Lara's baseball game last month I told his mom, "Look, I'm not a baseball fan but he's talented! He's going to be someone, someday!" Her face beamed with a mother's pride and I didn't blame her. My camera shook with awe at the team of seven and eight year old boys playing baseball like miniature Derek Jeters and...and...well, that's the only baseball player I know. (Baseball fans, please don't shoot me.)

I believe the parents deserve credit for the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication they pour into their sons' lives, especially the dads and uncles coaching the boys to play their best. I'm sending shout-outs to Christina for always hiring me to document these milestones in her family's lives; and to the coaches who were so helpful in lending me the bucket to stand on while I shot the game behind the fence. These photos wouldn't have happened with that solid bucket I balanced on. 

]]> (Nannette Ricaforte Photography) East Long Beach Pony Baseball Ezekiel Lara Heartwell Park Los Angeles Portrait Photographer action baseball event photography little league Mon, 21 Apr 2014 20:18:40 GMT
Portrait | Sabrina | Quinceañera I hold my breath for that magical moment when the connection between my client and camera transcends beyond the physical realm. When it does I wait a few slow beats before clicking the shutter, fearing it would rudely disturb the enchantment.

Without Sabrina her quinceañera dress wouldn't have shone in all its stunning glory. I'm honored her mom, Claudia, decided to capture Sabrina in her dress after she had her milestone event and thankful she gave me free rein with my creativity in these images. 

]]> (Nannette Ricaforte Photography) Fullerton Hillcrest Park Los Angeles Portrait Photographer beautiful fifteen years old portrait quinceañera stunning teen portrait Wed, 05 Feb 2014 08:59:21 GMT
Grateful In 2013 I wanted to thank all of you who supported, encouraged, and celebrated my photography in 2013. I wouldn't be where I am today without you. Happy New Year and may 2014 be the year when you take a leap of faith and learn a skill or craft you've always dreamed of. 


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Katelyn's Quinceañera | Event Photography Every little Hispanic girl dreams of how their quinceañera is going to be. For one night they get to be the beautiful princess whose transition from childhood to womanhood will be presented to family and friends. From the gorgeous dress to the crown, and then the symbolic donning of the high-heeled shoes, these are the things that make a girl's quinceañera memorable.

Documenting Katelyn's quinceañera was truly a lovely experience, not only because she looked breathtaking in her beautiful dress, but mostly for the deep love that surrounded her from family and friends. The highlight for me was the father/daughter dance that turned into a funky dance routine. How cool is Katelyn's dad, right? My heartfelt thanks to Katelyn's mom, Gabby, for choosing me to photograph Katelyn's special day.


Venue: La Mirada Golf Course | Cake: Amazing Cakes in Anaheim, CA | DJ: (Richard Saenz) | Band: Delu / Sombra Quieta

The bank: Delu /Sombra Quieta The band for the night: Delu / Sombra Quieta


Katelyn's little sisters exchanging her shoes for high-heeled pumps which is symbolic of her transition to womanhood.

Another memorable moment with Katelyn dancing with her grandfather. He's got some moves!


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Ricaforte Family | Portrait Session Every year for the past five years I've tried to corral my kids to take a family portrait and it never happens. I find it ironic that I get paid to take portraits for other families but fail at having my own taken professionally. Fortunately, I'm blessed with a large family who take advantage of my work. 

Photographing my brother's family portrait isn't a job but a privilege; knowing I'm responsible for documenting a few hours of their precious lives each year. My beautiful nieces and handsome nephews will look back on these photos recalling how crazy Auntie Nette with the big camera bossed their family around telling them to "Look! Keep your eyes open! Smile! Not too wide! Okay, go play and pretend I'm not here!" Now, those are memories that will go on forever! 

Ricaforte Family Portrait


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The Three Photographers (Alive or Dead) I Would Choose To Critique My Portfolio From my trip to Tecate, Mexico 2012

If you had to pick three photographers (alive or dead) to critique your portfolio, who would they be and why?

That was the fifth question posed to us on Twitter’s weekly photochat hosted by Prime Social Marketing. I try to participate when I can and last week’s topic was on the critique. When I tweeted my response I felt that 140 characters weren’t sufficient to describe my choices.

I remember how eager I was when I resurrected my photography dream five years ago. Feedback from seasoned photographers fueled me and I listened with an attentive ear. Although, one photographer who took the time to critique my work invoked negative emotions.

Instead of feeling challenged, encouraged, and inspired, I felt belittled and denigrated. Yet, I accepted it as the norm for a while until I realized constructive criticism wasn’t what this photographer offered. He was arrogant and obnoxious. I made a mental note to myself: be grateful for his example of how NOT to be when newbies ask for my advice in the future.

Since then I’ve been blessed to have a close circle of fellow photographers (and friends) to give me straight-up, honest, and candid feedback on my work. I hold them close to my heart because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. (You guys know who you are!)

The three photographers (alive or dead) I chose to critique my portfolio are: Steve McCurry (portraiture), Vivian Maier (street photography), and Lynsey Addario (photojournalism).

1. Steve McCurry: This choice is a no-brainer. When I first started my photography business, my sole intent was becoming a wedding photographer. But I’ve learned the heart will reveal the truth you were too blind to see. Portrait photography made my heart race.

I want to excel in portrait photography and Steve McCurry’s portraiture embodies the kind of work I strive for. Steeped in culture, his photos allow a deep connection between his subjects and viewer. Gazing at his images while I sit in my cubicle is like viewing the world through McCurry’s windows.

2. Vivian Maier: If there was one female photographer I’d troll the streets with it would be Miss Vivian! I first learned about her when I attended Eric Kim’s street photography workshop a few years ago and admired her work since. The posthumous discovery of her street photos lent a unique aspect to her story that captivated me.

Her street photos depict the rawness and unpredictability that is unattainable in portrait work where posing people is necessary to set up the shot. The unpredictable aspect of street photography was so intriguing it helped hone my instincts in quickly recognizing a good shot and acting upon it. Maier’s images imbues her personality and it's not hard to detect her quirky sense of humor.

Her subjects’ expressions display a trust in her, which is in stark contrast to some of the startled visages I see in street photos today. I've been cussed at (and given the finger) a few times when I've taken a photo of people on the streets. In my opinion, Maier was the master at being a visual raconteur, something I practice diligently in my own work. 

For more of Vivian Maier's work head over to the Artsy page devoted to her

3. Lynsey Addario: I believe if I chose the red pill instead of the blue one I’d be living a life similar to this extraordinary photojournalist. My life would look different if I didn’t allow fear and my parents’ views deter me from pursuing my dream of becoming a photojournalist. If you haven't read about her 2011 kidnapping in Libya, click here. It's precisely one of the reasons my parents squashed my dream career in photojournalism.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many female photojournalists whose work I admire but Addario’s images never fail to rock the visceral emotions. Some of her images haunt me for days, like this one. There is no posing people in her photos or setting up to get the right shot. It's about expertise and instinct to tell a complete story in one image. In this National Geographic video I've often watched she says, "The goal for me is to pull in the reader and to have them ask questions."

They say to excel in what you do, you must learn from the masters. I believe these three photographers are masters in their genre, their craft, and their passion.

So, tell me, who would you pick?


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"Like a bird from these prison walls I'll fly I'll fly away."

"Like a bird from these prison walls, I'll fly away."

My caged bird project was born out of the darkest season of my life when I felt enclosed by self-imposed expectations and burdened by the opinion of others. It was a time of uncertainty, completely blinded by my insecurities. This project is the blending of my zeal for writing and the vision of my photography, conveying the message of hope to women who struggle daily. It’s an expression of the lessons I’ve overcome and the strength I found in my ugly mess.

This project is my heartfelt dedication to all women, especially those who’ve been caught in the sinister web of human trafficking and sex slavery.  Where there is hope, the freedom to fly with confidence is within reach.

For women:

  • who are oppressed from abuse but can’t find the courage to speak up, this is for you.
  • who smile through their mask of pain and shame, this is for you.
  • who continue to try with the best intentions but feel like failures, this is for you.
  • who are debilitated with unworthiness, this is for you.                
  • who are unable to find the reasons to forgive themselves, this is for you.
  • who’ve learned from their mistakes and grown from them, this is for you.
  • who are sitting in a heap of ashes wondering if beauty will ever emerge, this is for you.
  • who believe it’s too late to resurrect their dreams, this is for you.
  • who are discouraged with longing for a long-held desire, this is for you.               
  • who believe God isn’t listening or doesn't care about them, this is for you.
  • whose life didn’t turn out exactly as they had planned, this is for you.
  • who wake up every morning wishing they hadn’t, this is for you.

Through my heart, my words, my iPhone, and my Canon let me remind you of the hope available for us to create, inspire, love, and live because yes, I discovered that life is worth living after the season of darkness.


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SAMANTHA | HEADSHOTS It's always a challenge photographing young children when they're meeting me for the first time on the day of their session. But with Samantha I had NOTHING to worry about. She's an adorable 3-year-old who was a complete natural in front of my camera that she NEEDS to be on t.v.! In fact, I demand it! Don't take my word for it, though, see for yourself! Be forewarned, she will steal your heart!



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TRIPLETS TURN 1 | BABY PORTRAITS The triplets---Maxwelll, Apolllo, and Calllista---turn one year old! They're known as the "Trifecta" or "MAC" but you can just call them adorable! 


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MICAELA | HEADSHOTS Beautiful Micaela...


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EVENTS | UPRISING YOGA COMMUNITY WORKSHOP It was the first time I've photographed a yoga workshop but this wasn't just any yoga event.  I hold a deep respect for the work Uprising Yoga is doing with the youth in L.A.'s juvenile hall. Jill Weiss, Bikram Yoga instructor and Executive Director of Uprising Yoga, posted this on the workshop's Facebook page

We are very pleased to be hosting our first workshop: Teaching To Those At Risk. After many requests for such a training, we are looking forward to bringing together yoga teachers who have an interest in learning more about working with children from juvenile detention centers. As you see below, we are bringing together an impressive group of speakers to train the attendees on how best to prepare themselves with tools before entering such a facility. Whether you are interested in being part of the UpRising Yoga teaching team or would just like to know more about people with trauma healing from yoga, at-risk populations, creating alliances with your community and facilities, we would be overjoyed at having you attend this workshop.

Namaste, Jill

I documented the first two hours of the workshop and caught Kyra Haglund (pictured below) speak on Yoga Trauma Healing. I've never walked away from photographing an event feeling as if I received my own healing therapy. 

To learn more about the positive impact Uprising Yoga has on L.A.'s juvenile hall youth please visit their web-site: Uprising Yoga. My heartfelt gratitude to Jill Weiss for giving me the opportunity to photograph and learn from URY. 


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KRISTINE + ALEX | CORONA WEDDING Kristine and Alex's love story is about second chances. Their love was built on a solid foundation of friendship, mutual respect, and abiding faith. Their day was a celebration of two lives converging into one at the right time and place. Call it serendipity or destiny or kismet or God's will but there's no denying the deep commitment Kristine and Alex share for one another and their children. They're deemed "a blended family" with Kristine's 2 sons, Mason and Nathan, and Alex's 3 children, Katelyn, Allison, and Christian

The sand ceremony brought a poignant touch to the day when Kristine, Alex, and their children poured multi-colored sand into a heart-shaped glass container symbolizing their united family. I was incredibly blessed photographing their wedding and walked away with a sense of peace I've never experienced before. 

Kristine and Alex, 

I can't thank you enough for choosing me as your wedding photographer. You've touched me more than you'll ever know. I wish you and your children an abundance of blessings for the rest of your lives. 

Wedding venue: Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center, Glen Ivy

Wedding coordinator: Amanda Horita

DJ, flowers, centerpieces, and cake all provided by the wedding venue. 


To view more pictures please click on the slideshow here


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O'GRADY FAMILY | PORTRAIT SESSION A portrait session with the O'Grady family was like meeting a long-lost family you never knew existed and spending a fun afternoon getting acquainted with each other. Who doesn't want to be part of a family who wears über cool cowboy boots? Why can't I be related to a man who sports a bomb diggity stache like Byron's? I almost begged them to take me home afterwards. 

They made my job easy by being their fun loving, easygoing selves, engaging in every image we took, and giving me plenty of awesome suggestions for where to take the next set of images. Three of them got major points from me as I didn't feel so alone with my mouth hardware. Power to the Brace Face Brigade! 

They are to blame for my latest obsession as I scour the internet for a pair of fiery red cowboy boots! Maybe that will convince them of adopting me. I hope you enjoy the O'Grady family as much as I did! 
 photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-3_zpsae8f7483.jpg
 photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-5_zps1b092618.jpg  photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-6_zps7303d926.jpg
 photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-11_zps8e32c04f.jpg
 photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-15_zps9128cfcc.jpg  photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-18_zpsac9e7ba2.jpg  photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-23_zpsedee162b.jpg
 photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-24_zps990e3c71.jpg  photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-26_zps265c9c4c.jpg  photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-28_zpsae79b237.jpg  photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-30_zpsb8f8734d.jpg  photo Cowboyboot1_zps3c48fb2d.jpg
 photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-36_zps89d700c9.jpg
 photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-41_zpsbcfe3ac4.jpg
 photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-49_zps80171543.jpg  photo OgradyFamily_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-64_zps208aed0d.jpg  photo OgradyFamily_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-67_zps1e65cc4f.jpg
 photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-68_zps7ca9b425.jpg  photo OgradyFamily_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-62_zps36ef56cb.jpg  photo OGrady_Family_HillcrestPark_Fullerton-58_zps02b0a4b0.jpg


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Every heart sings a song, incomplete,
until another heart whispers back.
I believe Plato's words personifies the union of my sister and her husband. I should know, I'm her older sister. The happiness that radiates from both of their faces conveys the essence of their relationship. I've never seen my sister so happy in her entire life. 
What made this older sister happy was their wedding and the venue. Brilliant, I squealed! Theirs was the type of wedding I've longed to photograph but couldn't figure out how to market. Small, intimate, wedding in a venue unique to them. Born, raised, and in love with L.A., N's relationship with S blossomed, flourished, and deepened in the heart of the city of angels. He proposed to her via a helicopter tour ride of L.A. and their marriage was made official at Griffith Park with the Hollywood Sign bestowing its approval. It was my photographer's dream come true, alive and in technicolor. 
The small wedding party comprised of immediate family hiked up the paved drive in Griffith Park before we stopped on a trail high enough to view the Hollywood sign. You can tell who our new Italian family is by their impeccable fashion sense indicative of Italians. I was very impressed with Jacob of JacobMarries, the officiant who specializes in intimate weddings and elopements. The wedding was simple, small, quick, but undeniably beautiful. It was a true celebration of the couple's love and commitment as it should be. Congratulations S & N to a lifetime of adventures, growth, and blessings! 

Officiant: Jacob of Jacob Marries 
Dress: ABS by Allen Schwartz 
Hair: Mikael Bishay Salon 


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There are moments in my life where I find myself doing things I vowed I would never do. Like play golf or have anything to do with golf. (Before I get pelted by golf balls for my lack of enthusiasm let me just say I've tried to acquire the love for the sport and it eludes me.) But I couldn't say no when Crystal, Director of My Refuge House, asked me to be part of the golf tournament fundraiser committee. This event wasn't about me and my aversion to golf. It was about the young girls whose lives are being restored at My Refuge House after their rescue from the sex trade

There were 2 groups of golfers who participated in this golf tournament fundraiser held at Coyote Hills Golf Course in Fullerton, CA.  Later that evening the annual My Refuge House banquet consisting of a silent auction provided golfers and attendees a chance to hear about My Refuge House, the board members, and the girls' stories. A paper lotus flower was given to each banquet attendee who wrote either a prayer, blessing, or encouragement to the girls residing at My Refuge House in Cebu, Philippines. A few days after this event Crystal traveled to the Philippines and presented the girls with the beautiful lotus flowers letting them know that they are loved and cared for by people from the United States. This is love in action: restoring one life at a time. 
 photo MRHGolf-38_zpsaa58c122.jpg
Crystal Sprague, Director of My Refuge House
 photo MRHGolf-1_zps0a1784aa.jpg  photo MRHGolf-3_zpscff3e38b.jpg  photo MRHGolf-5_zps82d668fc.jpg  photo MRHGolf-6_zps87bf2701.jpg  photo MRHGolf-7_zps4eb64583.jpg  photo MRHGolf-10_zps87b10d9f.jpg  photo MRHGolf-12_zpse0f9477d.jpg  photo MRHGolf-15_zps4770cdbc.jpg  photo MRHGolf-17_zps9621370b.jpg  photo MRHGolf-23_zps5cce02f3.jpg  photo MRHGolf-24_zps773d8c5c.jpg  photo MRHGolf-32_zps645b4204.jpg  photo MRHGolf-34_zpsdfd725e4.jpg  photo MRHGolf-35_zpsb0e75f4b.jpg  photo MRHGolf-39_zps210e96e9.jpg  photo MRHGolf-37_zpsa95e9015.jpg  photo MRHGolf-42_zpsebec2ec8.jpg  photo MRHGolf-43_zps243825bc.jpg  photo MRHGolf-46_zps2d219c6d.jpg  photo MRHGolf-44_zpsd5ad0b9c.jpg  photo MRHGolf-47_zpsc49a4366.jpg  photo MRHGolf-53_zpsc90c44a8.jpg  photo MRHGolf-54_zps4eec42f3.jpg  photo MRHGolf-55_zpsbcaa36f9.jpg
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I was watching the Presidential Inauguration a few months ago when my stomach twisted in knots at the time of President Obama's speech. The immense responsibility of delivering a speech and conveying its message to an entire nation rendered me anxious. Although being behind my camera and looking through the viewfinder isn't as dramatic or intense; I can't help but feel the heavy weight of responsibility to convey the story of my subjects in my images. 

Such was the situation I found myself in when I photographed my sister and her fiance's engagement session. How could I properly convey the happiness that was missing in her life until S walked into it? Would I be able to capture their deep love and affection for each other? Will the sun favor me and shine its golden rays upon us?

We've known S for years as he was a close friend of our cousin, Tressa. We knew him as "Tressa's Italian friend" who was invited to social gatherings where my sister, N, was also present. They would hang out for friends' birthday celebrations until the fateful day S asked N on a date. From that day forward their love story began and continues to unfold. N would say his Italian accent was enthralling and the reason she fell for him. I suspect it also has to do with how well he treats her and the constant PDA only an Italian man is capable of. When you're in their presence there is no denying the deep and abiding love they have for each other. 

They'll be leaving to live in Miami next month so I wanted to document their life in Los Angeles, specifically Marina Del Rey. Every weekend and in the summer they rode their bikes from Marina Del Rey through Venice Beach to Santa Monica and back again. With the constant flux of life its uncertain when they will return to Los Angeles. 

I included these 4 photos my sister took of S's helicopter proposal which flew them on a tour all over Los Angeles. She asked for "the whole 9 yards" and you can bet your bottom dollar that she got that and more. 

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Dear Sister, 
Thank you so much for letting me document this important milestone in your lives. Trust me when I say that in your ripe geriatric age you'll be looking through these snapshot memories and extolling my virtues as an awesome photographer  will be grateful for your big sis! (LOL!) Because you're happy I am even more ecstatic of your new life and journey together. And sis, even though you told me to "take 10 shots and be done with it because I'm hungry" I hope you now understand why a photographer needs to take more than 10 shots. I wish you both abundant blessings with God at the center of your marriage. I can't wait for next week when I pull double duty as your witness AND wedding photographer. I love you both! Ciao! <--- see,="" i'm="">learning! 


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Last year I ran the 2012 L.A. Chinatown Firecracker 5K and I was hooked. This year I was asked to be part of the media and it was an amazing experience! During the opening ceremonies guests of honor simultaneously lit 100,000 firecrackers in the tradition of warding off evil spirits. I've never been pelted by thousands of firecrackers while taking photographs but I'm always open to first-time-for-everything moments. I flinched and ducked but didn't stop firing the shutter button. There was too much goodness to capture with my camera just to stop on account of smoke and firecracker shrapnel.

After the opening ceremonies I walked the entire 3.1 mile course to take as many photos of the runners, the view, and the hard working people handing out water to the runners. I'm ready for next year's event! 

Huge thanks to Christopher Louie for giving me this opportunity!!! 
 photo Firecracker5k-83_zps11c9eeee.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-82_zps6adb7e25.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-80_zpsca88ce96.jpg
 photo Firecracker5k-85_zps4a99d38a.jpg
 photo Firecracker5k-53_zps2cec6d67.jpg
 photo Firecracker5k-59_zpse361a788.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-61_zpsc1a5d39b.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-63_zps4b286798.jpg
 photo Firecracker5k-78_zps535b94f8.jpg
 photo Firecracker5k-52_zps115ea149.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-51_zps85de22d4.jpg
 photo Firecracker5k-67_zps73321719.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-72_zpsafb9971a.jpg
 photo Firecracker5k-64_zpsa8de7baa.jpg
 photo Firecracker5k-2_zpse0413936.jpg
 photo Firecracker5k-90_zpse72a7188.jpg
 photo Firecracker5k-6_zps4ad2f1d6.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-7_zps8b30620b.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-8_zpse856908b.jpg
 photo Firecracker5k-9_zpsbefe3795.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-10_zpsa915ec8d.jpg
 photo Firecracker_drummers_zps158cca6b.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-16_zpsebef4b77.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-21_zps1ca047b5.jpg
 photo Firecracker5k-25_zps722b3876.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-26_zps85c9694c.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-22_zps30020e67.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-27_zps5e227d15.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-97_zps32652bc4.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-29_zps33b5fd65.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-30_zps80b32be9.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-34_zps74bf481c.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-36_zps21351f41.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-37_zpsc2017166.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-38_zps66b288de.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-41_zps8431ab28.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-40_zps388d0307.jpg
 photo Firecracker5k-106_zpsfde71bc8.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-42_zpse7830b01.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-44_zps6eb47554.jpg  photo Firecracker5k-47_zpsb6591f79.jpg  
To view more photos of this event please click here. 
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This is what happens when my 5 year old granddaughter goes to a 1st birthday party, gets her face painted then rushed away with Grandma to shoot a client's portrait session before the sun sets. After an exhausting day she was still up for her own photo shoot, smeared face paint and all!
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WIN A FREE MINI SESSION! Spring is in the air and daylight savings time just happened which means light and more light in my day! To commemorate the beginning of Spring I'm having a contest and the lucky winner will receive a free mini session

It's easy to participate. Just click on the link below and it will take you to my Facebook page. You must "like" the page first, click enter, and share with your friends by inviting & sharing the link! See? EASY! 

Happy Spring, everyone!!!

**please note: mini session limited to maximum of 4 people**

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I've never had a portrait session when I wanted to play and frolic with my subjects more than taking their photographs! Their mother calls them "Trifecta" while I call them bebeshmooshkoosh! Yup, that's what happens when I try to speak coherently in front of these adorable babies! 

Baby Calllista is the only girl out of the trio and she loves to smile and wink. She enjoys being held high in the air by her daddy. You've got baby Apolllo, the 2nd boy to enter the world, who's already proficient in charming the ladies. Or, at least, this ol' lady. But I secretly believe baby Maxwelll's eyes contain superpowers--the power to turn anyone into a sucka fool! Because that's exactly what happened to me when he woke up and directed those huge orbs in my direction.

In between outfit changes, diaper changes, feedings, and prop changes, I was one lucky photographer who became well acquainted with these 3 blessings! I'm also acknowledging the triplets' mom and dad, Aimee and Mike, for amazing me with their infinite patience. There were a few times during the photo session when I simply stood in silent admiration. 
I noticed that two of them are always holding hands which I'm sure began in the womb.

The triplets in their baptismal clothes
 photo Trifecta-5_zps07cb58f0.jpg
Calllista the fashionista
 photo Trifecta-18_zps773f4a33.jpg
Maxwelll's eyeballs are my kryptonite!
 photo Trifecta-22_zpsd7484d26.jpg
Those eyes!
 photo Trifecta-23_zpsc75173a9.jpg
Apolllo the charmer
 photo Trifecta-40_zps7aab646b.jpg  photo Trifecta-37_zps82856a4a.jpg  photo Trifecta-39_zpsc42ce7d4.jpg  photo Trifecta-41_zps6a203ae6.jpg  photo Trifecta-44_zpsc4ee1e01.jpg
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DYLIN COLE | PORTRAIT Hanging out with Dylin for a few hours is like riding the merry go round at Disneyland: you don't know how fast you're moving until you stop and realize how disoriented you are. In between his baby sister's photo shoot I chased after him as he fell victim to my camera. How could I pass up his adorable outfit and inquisitive personality?  

Dylin is turning 3 years old soon and I wanted to capture the remnants of a 2 year old boy's fascination with the world around him. Nothing in Dylin's path was left untouched and unexplored; reminding me that mundane objects can be enthralling if I view them through the eyes of a child.

]]> (Nannette Ricaforte Photography) Children Portraits Dylin Wed, 20 Feb 2013 15:22:00 GMT
How do you keep a little girl who's turning one year old occupied and focused during a photo shoot with 3 outfit changes? You put the video of Gangnam Style on repeat via her mommy's iPhone! 

This is baby Cammy, my goddaughter. Oh, how I wished her military jacket came in my size! Happy Birthday, Cammy Girl!

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SIGHTS AT THE NAMM SHOW 2013 It was my first time at the NAMM show and I felt like Dorothy on ecstasy traipsing through the Land of Oz. It was a sensory experience on full tilt and I think my eyes crossed a few times. I've been asked what the NAMM show entailed and my feeble words failed in conveying its mission. From their web-site: 

NAMM Defined

NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), commonly called NAMM in reference to the organization's popular NAMM trade shows, is the not-for-profit association that promotes the pleasures and benefits of making music and strengthens the $17 billion global music products industry. Our association—and our trade shows—serve as a hub for people wanting to seek out the newest innovations in musical products, recording technology, sound and lighting. NAMM's activities and programs are designed to promote music making to people of all ages.

Huge thanks to Ray (DJ Curse) and Marlon from QSC for getting little ol' me into the music industry's biggest playground. 

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2012 | A VISUAL RECAP OF PORTRAITS, STREET, AND EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY My photography is not a hobby. It's more than a business and it burns hotter than any passion. It's my golden ticket to a thrilling adventure that takes me places I wouldn't dream of, connects me to amazing people and characters, and lets me be the person I truly am. 

As the sun sets on the last day of 2012 I look back at the fun I've had and smile with content. I can barely contain my excitement for 2013 as I'm expecting it to be a year filled with endless possibilities. 

Thank you for the support, encouragement, and continuous laughter! 

Happy New Year to all of you!  

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HEADSHOTS | DJ CURSE What do you get when you put 2 creatives together for an afternoon of headshots? 

More fun than you can handle.  

While he directed and provided his vision I clicked my shutter. 



]]> (Nannette Ricaforte Photography) DJ Curse Headshots Ray Belling Tue, 04 Dec 2012 19:17:00 GMT
LOVE IN ACTION ON THANKSGIVING I'm drawn to people who exhibit love through their actions and count myself blessed when I'm surrounded by friends who walk the walk of love. My friend, Russ, has been involved with a team of volunteers from Saddleback Church who serve breakfast, donate clothes, offer friendship, provide prayers, and deliver the word to the residents of Evergreen Motel one Saturday a month

When Russ invited me to participate and document the volunteers serving Thanksgiving to the residents I was on it! Isn't that what love is about? Serving others without expecting anything in return. And isn't Thanksgiving about being grateful for what we have, where we are, and serving the community with our graciousness? That's what I strive for in my personal life and I'm humbled by the people I've met at the motel. 

May we all have a heart to serve others during this holiday season. 

I donated my favorite gym bag that has been with me for so many years. I'm happy to see it will be put to good use.

Russ and his friend

Russ delivering the word to the residents of the motel.

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For those afflicted by Hurricane Sandy more than a week later; for our nation who weather the storms; and the women who believe in brighter tomorrows
This is for you.
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Most people my age are dreaming of retiring in their big beautiful homes; at least, that's what I'm told. Me? Oh no. I'm dreaming of spending the rest of my life in a spacious loft with wood floors, brick walls, and eclectic furniture. I envision myself surrounded by floor to ceiling bookcases stuffed with books, picture frames, and all my photography gear! It would be the ideal living environment in my old age! 

Imagine my ecstasy when I ventured into my wonderland called The Brewery Artwalk. My friend, Jill, texted me "Nenny! This is so you! You are going to pee your pants!She was right! I brought Ray and Rylee to witness the peeing of my pants and introduce my four year old granddaughter to the arts. Although, I was still afflicted with the nasty bug floating around I brought my camera and tried, oh I tried, to take as many photos as my wilting energy could muster. 

Disclaimer: The following photos are of art pieces that might offend, repulse, and freak you out so if you don't want to be affected by them please close your browser. Oh, and before you call Child Protective Services on me I assure you I didn't allow my granddaughter to view inappropriate art exhibits. Jill was kind enough to stand outside while I perused in silent glee. In fact, Rylee was so inspired by the ArtWalk she claimed to be "a painter" and we bought paints, brush, and paper for her to create her own masterpieces the rest of the night. Her new game to play is Art Studio "where we walk around and look at art and not touch anything." So there you go

 From their web-site:

About The Brewery Art Walk

The Brewery ArtWalk is a twice annual open studio weekend at the worlds largest art complex. With over 100 participating residentartists, you will have the opportunity to see new works, discover new favorites, speak with the artists and purchase artwork directly from the artists' studios.
Self Portrait
This man's loft was MY dream!!!!!
I love you L.A.
Fearless on the catwalk
Carousel art
Photobucket Photobucket
OH Twyla, she was having none of Bozo.
The catwalk
I loved watching photographers take photos of things I didn't see.
Photobucket Photobucket
Ray and Rylee getting their art on!
Photobucket Photobucket
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A few weeks ago I was kicking myself for not requesting a day off of work to see history fly overhead. On September 21, 2012 the Endeavor Space Shuttle made its last trip above ground flying over several landmarks in Los Angeles and as far as Disneyland in Orange County.  

Today I'm grateful I had the day off and didn't miss an opportunity to photograph Endeavor's 26th mission sojourning in the streets of L.A. before arriving at its final destination at the California Science Center.

]]> (Nannette Ricaforte Photography) Los Angeles Mission 26 Endeavor Space Shuttle Fri, 12 Oct 2012 20:56:00 GMT
She discards the worries and distractions of the world by dancing in wild abandon.
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They say you teach a person how to treat you. 
No one hears the cries of her heart or understands the language it speaks. 
She hides herself from their blank stares, deaf ears, and closed minds. 
In doing so she's taught them she's invisible. 

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Little Shreya turned one year old and celebrated her special day in the most exciting and fun-filled way! Along with her family, Shreya and her friends explored all 17 interactive exhibits and activities that Pretend City Children's Museum offered! From the bank, the beach, fire department, gas station, post office, library, home, grocery store, farm, theater, cafe, dentist, police station, marina, and art studio, Shreya and all her friends toddled here and there to "build better brains" while filling their little mouths with yummy food, scrumptious desserts, and sweet creamy cake!!!  

Happy 1st birthday, Shreya!!! Thank you for letting me be your paparazzi for the day!

**Sweet table and smash cake credit: Miguel Betancourt and Lili Jalali of MB Custom Cakes. Miguel created the beautiful smash cake and Lili was the creator of the cake pops. 
Miguel Betancourt:
Lili Jalali:

Miguel Betancourt and Lili Jalali of MB Custom Cakes
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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He is faithless. 
Wandering aimlessly, unfettered by dogmas, secure in his hubris of knowledge. 
May it comfort him as he goes Metro into the Afterlife.

]]> (Nannette Ricaforte Photography) faithless street photography black and white street photography Tue, 02 Oct 2012 10:46:00 GMT
If you're like me you're in denial. Denying the fact that Santa Claus is coming in just 3 months to make everyone merry. I told, I commanded myself, not to procrastinate this year and refuse to be one of those crazed, frantic souls buying presents on Christmas Eve before the stores close early. 

For all of you non-procrastinators out there in the local L.A. and Orange County areas I'm offering holiday mini sessions! The best part is by booking a mini session with me you'll be helping out a non-profit organization which holds a special place in my heart: My Refuge House. To reserve a weekend date in October and November for your mini session a non-refundable deposit of $75 is required at the time of booking. 

I also offer gift certificates in any denomination if you'd like to give the gift of photography for a loved one, a needy family, or a struggling single mom.

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Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over
But had me believing it was always something that I'd done
But I don't wanna live that way
Reading into every word you say
You said that you could let it go
And I wouldn't catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know. 
~Somebody That I Used To Know (by Gotye)
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